I’m sure all of you are shopping on Amazon, as we can all witness their trucks passing by in our neighborhoods multiple times a day. Now, do you know that you could shop on Amazon with a purpose. Yes, there is a program called Amazonsmile that donates money to eligible charities when you purchase on the giant retailer’s website.

Through this program, you are able to select the charity of your choice. We highly recommend you picking the Bobby Jo Lewis Foundation. This will donate 0.5% of everything you spend on Amazon to help our cause. Yes, you are reading that 0.5% will make a difference but we all know that we all spend quite a bit of money on this platform, and know some of the drivers on a first name basis…

So yes, any dollar amount will make a difference, and remember it’s not coming from you but from one of the highest grossing organizations in the world. They are giving back for you, and all you need to do is do some shopping on Amazon.

Seems quite simple I know, but you need to set this up, and we will walk you through this.

How to sign up?

We recommend that you bookmark this link, so, once you are on the page using your favorite browser

  • On your laptop or desktop, select bookmarks, and add you your favorites. Or you can simply press Ctrl+D on PC, and Command+D on Apple computers.
  • For all you using the app on your mobile phone, go into the settings and select Amazon Smile on your app.

You are supporting another organization but want to support the Bobby Jo Lewis Foundation instead. Not a problem, you can go in your Amazon Smile profile and change the charity you are looking to support.

All the donations Amazon will provide will be used to support our affiliates nationwide, such as REstart San Diego. We will be able to provide them with the materials they will need to develop their programs.

Let’s get you shopping on Amazon

Our REstart program is the core behind the Bobby Jo Lewis Foundation and all the affiliates around the country. To support all the affiliates and restart graduates we will appreciate your support therefore we encourage you to keep your shopping habits with a purpose.

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