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We provide situationally disadvantaged individuals with an empowering new start in life through education and career opportunities in real estate management.


The Bobby Jo Lewis Foundation

is devoted to the development and support of REstart® programs nationally. REstart® is a designed to bring together two basic needs- housing and employment. The goal of our foundation is to break the cycle of poverty, substance abuse, and domestic violence by providing employment training, mentoring and job training to bring families home again.

More than two-thirds of children today are living in what would be considered a non-traditional family environment.

Here’s what we know

  • 1 in 3 American families, an average of 42 million women, plus 28 million children, either live in poverty or are right on the brink of it.
  • Two-thirds of American women are either the primary or co-breadwinners of their families.
  • 60% of low-income women say they believe even if they made all the right choices, “the economy doesn’t work for someone like me.”
  • 76% of single mothers say if they could do it all over again, they would have gotten out of a bad relationship sooner.
  • 27% of fathers and 40% of low-income fathers don’t live with their children.
  • Homeless families comprise roughly 34% of the total U.S. homeless population.
  • Approximately 1.6 million children will experience homelessness over the course of a year.

1 in 2 children in the United States will live with a single parent at some point in their lives.

Bobby Jo Lewis Foundation


Since 1998, the Bobby Jo Lewis Foundation has developed a model skills-based teaching program called REstart ®. This program, combined with IREM standard training, was developed to support individuals through property management training.

how it works


Access resources, find pathway documents and guides to support your affiliate work. You are about to embark on an amazing journey that will surpass your expectations. The benefits to starting a REstart® program are numerous, immediate and long-ranging.

Bobby Jo Lewis Foundation


REstart® has just celebrated their 20th year of helping individuals turn their lives around. Graduates of this program continue to give back and stay connected to REstart®. Read about some of our successful graduates that continue to serve their communities.


The pathway to Affiliation comes in the form of three stages: Aspirational, Provisional and lastly, Affiliate. The beginning of this pathway starts as an Aspirational purpose. Followed by Provisional and lastly, you will reach the Affiliate state in full compliance.

Graduate Stories

I Love my job and my life, and I owe it all to REstart®

I graduated from REstart® and began my internship and 6 months later I had my Real Estate license. My daughter and I had our life back. I can go on and on about the many hidden treasures in this amazing REstart® program.”

A great opportunity

In 2016, I was given the opportunity to attend an IREM International Conference in San Diego. Jackie Diaz and I spoke about the REstart® Program in front of the entire group at this conference (about 750 people). We were given a standing ovation. It was an incredible experience!

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